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Xu Hướng 1/2023 # “Zenonia 4” Ranger Guide – Stat/Skill Builds # Top 2 View

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I am a video game fanatic with over six years experience as an online writer.

The Ranger

You’d think that huge cannons would do more damage than swords . . . the realism of that is comparable to the fact that strength and dexterity increase your gun’s attack (you press the trigger down harder?). On a more serious note, the Ranger is a rather difficult class to play, but my personal favorite. After you get through the hardships of early-mid-game and start getting AOE skills and lots of Evasion, wow does it get fun.

The difference between the Ranger and the other classes is that the Ranger really has only two effective builds. You either can add all your points into DEX or all your points into INT. This means you don’t ever add CON, which means you don’t get defensive or HP boosts from your stats . . . at all. CON for the Ranger only increases Defense, HP, and a tiny bit of evasion—which is a pretty inefficient way of spending your points.

Stat Build

Pure DEX

Add all of your points into DEX. The more powerful, high DPS build of the two. It also has more evasion. You get more skill points at your disposal as well, because you don’t have to spend any on the INT passive skills.

Pure INT

Add all of your points into INT. The point of this build is to have a huge amount of SP, while still having very decent attack and evasion. There are two passive skills geared exactly to this build. All in all, a large part of this build is the ability to just use your supercharge attack like Rambo. With all of your SP, you can hold your unlimited-bullet-spam for a long, long time.

Skill Build

If you’re ready for the uphill journey of a Ranger, here’s a level 1-50 guide for your skills. At level 34, the build branches out, with the left side being the Pure DEX build and the right side being for Pure INT.

IvI 2 – Slow Shot (1)

IvI 3 – Agility (1)

IvI 4 – Agility (2)

IvI 5 – Activate TK-X2 (1)

IvI 6 – Agility (3)

IvI 7 – Agility (4)

IvI 8 – Agility (5)

IvI 9 – Agility (6)

IvI 10 – Reflect Shot (1)

IvI 11 – Agility (7)

IvI 12 – Agility (8)

IvI 13 – Agility (9)

IvI 14 – Agility (MAX)

IvI 15 – Fast Skill (1)

IvI 16 – Fast Skill (2)

IvI 17 – Fast Skill (3)

IvI 18 – Fast Skill (4)

IvI 19 – Fast Skill (5)

IvI 20 – Extreme Kill (1)

IvI 21 – Upgrade Weapon (1)

IvI 22 – Upgrade Weapon (2)

IvI 23 – Upgrade Weapon (3)

IvI 24 – Upgrade Weapon (4)

IvI 25 – Lightning Bolt (1)

IvI 26 – Upgrade Weapon (5)

IvI 27 – Upgrade Weapon (6)

IvI 28 – Upgrade Weapon (7)

IvI 29 – Psychic Link (1)

IvI 30 – Concentrated Shot (1)

IvI 31 – Upgrade Weapon (8)

IvI 32 – Upgrade Weapon (9)

IvI 33 – Upgrade Weapon (MAX)

IvI 34 – Fast Skill (6) / Psychic Link (2)

IvI 35 – Fast Skill (7) / Psychic Link (3)

IvI 36 – Fast Skill (8) / Psychic Link (4)

IvI 37 – Fast Skill (9) / Psychic Link (5)

IvI 38 – Fast Skill (MAX) / Psychic Link (6)

IvI 39 – Force Weapon (1)

IvI 40 – Thunderbolt (1)

IvI 41 – Thunderbolt (2)

IvI 42 – Area Zero (1)

IvI 43 – Area Zero (2)

IvI 44 – Fatal Shot (1) / Psychic Link (7)

IvI 45 – Fatal Shot (2) / Psychic Link (8)

IvI 46 – Fatal Shot (3) / Psychic Link (9)

IvI 47 – Fatal Shot (4) / Psychic Link (MAX)

IvI 48 – Fatal Shot (5) / Force Weapon (2)

IvI 49 – Fatal Shot (7) / Force Weapon (3)

IvI 50 – Fatal Shot (8) / Force Weapon (4)

After this, continue maxing out all of the passive skills (except for Psychic Link and Force Weapon for Pure DEX builds), while adding into your active skills when you want to. The buffs aren’t great on this class, like most of the other classes, and I like to keep a maximum of 4 skills anyway so that I don’t have to switch my skill bars back and forth. If you’re a Pure INT build, you’ll have fewer skill points to spend, so I recommend you skip out on maxing skills like Scope.


In the early stages of the game, you may be very low on money, so avoid quests that ask you to buy expensive potions (like the woman who needs you to buy a potion from the dark merchant for 2000 gold). You can always come back.

Use your TK (little mechanical robot-tank thing) to not only help divert attention, but to also block projectile attacks. Each hit can be deadly, so this thing can be very useful.

Your TK can also gather your enemies up as you charge up your super attack for some pretty awesome damage. Also remember to have your SP quenched—it takes up a lot of it.

The first few bosses in Zenonia 4 can be pretty difficult, because they can kill you in a hit or two. Beat them by having a nonstop stream of TK’s attacking them. Useful, eh?

Look for as many 1v1 encounters as possible, as opposed to fighting more than a mob at a time. Your ranger may be weak in the beginning, but with your regular attack’s knockback, you’re all-powerful verses single opponents.

Save often. You’re probably going to die a lot, and shut off Zenonia 4 from your multi-task dashboard after you do. Then, you won’t have to waste an Origin of Life or get penalized.

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