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My Cafe Restaurant Game Mod Apk/Ios

Have you ever wondered what owning your own café would be like? Interacting with customers all day long while serving delicious food and drinks, is a dream that many people share. However, running such a business, in reality, can be hectic, quite unlike what you may think. Running a virtual café, on the other hand, is extremely relaxing and fun.

Own Your Virtual Café with My Cafe Restaurant Game mod for Android and iOS. Download the mod .apk file from our website and get right away Unlimited Gold and Unlimited Crystals resources on your game account. Also, get the VIP 7 features.

This is the prospect of My Cafe Restaurant game. Players are allowed to set-up, design and decorate their own café in this game, simulating how it feels to own such a successful food business. Apart from designing the interiors, players also get to create their own menus for their café. Therefore, you are free to include your favorite items on the menu and see your customer’s delight after consuming these dishes.

My Cafe Restaurant game MOD App Information:

My Cafe Restaurant game MOD Features:

Unlimited Coins

Unlimited Crystals


Free to download

Totally Safe

My Cafe Restaurant game Mod file is very easy to install


No need to root or jailbreak your device!

Perform all the Functionalities of a Café Owner

Melsoft Games, the studio behind My Cafe Restaurant game, has done a fantastic job when it comes to emulating how café managers and owners perform their daily duties. From supply chain management to decoration to customer satisfaction, each aspect plays a role in determining just how successful your café is. Additionally, you must also hire the appropriate staff to handle day-to-day operations, training them to handle clientele effectively.

At the onset, players can start with a meager café with limited decorations and menu items. As the business grows in scale and popularity, they can slowly add new furnishings, upholstery, decorations, and other items. Additionally, they can upgrade the menu to reflect the success and scale of the café as well. This draws in more crowds to your virtual café, thereby, earning you a greater share of the profits.

Unlock your Interior Designing Skills

My Cafe Restaurant game mod players may come to admire their interior designing skills while playing this game. When it comes to styling the interior space of your café, you can choose from 6 prevailing styles – French Style, English Style, American Retro, Chinese Style, Northern Lights, and Loft.

Download My Cafe Restaurant game MOD IOS

Download MOD IOS

Numerous items are available within each of the styles that you can choose from depending on your taste and intended to look for the café. Additionally, players can also increase the available space for their café with Expansion. Keep in mind that expansions are only available after you reach certain level requirements. For instance, the last expansion is available after your café reaches level 35.

Besides the interior decorations, one can also invest in external decorations as well, with a range of different signboards, fences, benches, flowers, and bushes.

Unlocking Recipes

Interesting Storylines

Customer storylines will grasp the player’s attention with intricate details and emotional quotient. Whether it is a budding romance inside your café or something more sinister, My Café Restaurant will keep you glued to your mobile screens in anticipation of what comes next. Each character you encounter is unique and has diverse traits that you must understand and assess.

Leveling Up

My Cafe Restaurant game mod features a distinct leveling system that is influenced by a number of factors, such as the ability to meet customer demands, fulfilling orders, completing storylines and upgrading the café with more expensive items. A player needs to level up to access better equipment, recipes, interior designing items, quests, stories and more. Currently, you can unlock up to level 38, with more levels coming soon through updates.

Township and Festivals

Townships are additional features of the game that unlocks social gameplay with other café owners. They unlock after you reach level 7. A township comprises between 1 and 20 café belonging to various players. As part of a township, players can fulfil township orders and participate in festivals.

Festivals are weekly targets or goals that members of a township can follow for attractive rewards and money.

In-game Purchases Using Real Money

My Cafe Restaurant game is free to download and play. However, players have the option of spending real-world money to simplify the game or acquire certain in-game items. Keep in mind that such a purchase is not mandatory as players can freely progress through the game without such purchase.

Apart from such in-game purchases, a player can also initiate an Elite subscription service. Such a service allows a range of additional benefits, including the ability to undertake two Festival tasks at once. Additionally, Elite subscription holders are also liable to receive a predetermined amount of VIP points at the end of subscription tenure. Although there are prices for cool features such as Crystals, Gold Coins and VIP members, you can get all from our mod. Download the My Cage Restaurant game mod from our website to get up to Unlimited Coins, Unlimited Crystals and VIP 7 for a lifetime.

Internet Connection Necessary for Play

Players need to stay connected to the internet during their playtime. However, the game world does not stop once you shut down the application. Instead, your café continues to earn profit and satisfies customers, provided you have the necessary upgrades, equipment, and staff to handle operations on their own for the duration.

The detail-oriented gameplay is quite challenging and fun, at the same time. With practice and an increased understanding of gameplay mechanics, players can quickly turn their meager café into an excellent establishment.

My Cafe Restaurant game APK Gameplay:

How to download My Cafe Restaurant game MOD Apk for Android

After the download is completed, the installation page shall open up.

Press Install and follow the instructions.

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