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Xu Hướng 9/2023 # Pokemon Sacred Gold &Amp; Storm Silver Pokémon Locations # Top 10 Xem Nhiều

Bạn đang xem bài viết Pokemon Sacred Gold &Amp; Storm Silver Pokémon Locations được cập nhật mới nhất tháng 9 năm 2023 trên website Uta.edu.vn. Hy vọng những thông tin mà chúng tôi đã chia sẻ là hữu ích với bạn. Nếu nội dung hay, ý nghĩa bạn hãy chia sẻ với bạn bè của mình và luôn theo dõi, ủng hộ chúng tôi để cập nhật những thông tin mới nhất.

Areas are listed in order of accessibility, though there may be one or two exceptions where maps have been shifted around to save space. Times will be specified on the encounters where they actually change between morning, day and night.

Wild level ranges are also given for the majority of areas; these will refer to the Pokémon found from generic walking (i.e. grass, caves) though in the event of a water route such as Route 40, it instead refers to encounters found while Surfing.

New Bark Town Route 29 Route 46 Cherrygrove City Route 30 Route 31 Dark Cave {Violet Side}

Wild Levels: 8 – 10 Cave, Morning / Day: Geodude (20%), Zubat (20%), Bronzor (10%), Makuhita (10%), Sandshrew (10%), Teddiursa (10%), Slugma (10%), Larvitar (4%), Dunsparce (4%), Chingling (2%) Cave, Night: Geodude (20%), Zubat (20%), Bronzor (10%), Makuhita (10%), Sandshrew (10%), Wynaut (10%), Slugma (10%), Larvitar (4%), Dunsparce (4%), Chingling (2%) Meridian Sound: Golbat Pastoral Sound: Chingling Swarm: Larvitar Surf: Shellos (60%), Wooper (30%), Gastrodon (10%) Old Rod: Goldeen (60%), Barboach (30%), Wooper (10%) Good Rod: Goldeen (60%), Barboach (30%), Quagsire (10%) Super Rod: Seaking (60%), Whiscash (30%), Quagsire (10%) Rock Smash: Dunsparce (90%), Nosepass (10%)

Violet City Route 32 Ruins of Alph Sprout Tower Union Cave Route 33 Slowpoke Well Ilex Forest Route 34 Route 35 National Park

Wild Levels: 17 – 19 Bug Catching Contest is unchanged.

Ecruteak City Burned Tower Dark Cave {Blackthorn Side} Route 38 Route 39 Olivine City Route 40 Route 41 Cianwood City Route 47

Wild Levels: 41 – 45 * Not accessible without Waterfall. Grass, Morning / Day*: Farfetch’d (20%), Ditto (20%), Miltank (10%), Gloom (10%), Weepinbell (10%), Fearow (10%), Raticate (10%), Swellow (10%) Grass, Night*: Venomoth (20%), Ditto (20%), Miltank (10%), Gloom (10%), Weepinbell (10%), Fearow (10%), Raticate (10%), Noctowl (10%) Meridian Sound: Bellossom, Victreebel Pastoral Sound: Yanma Swarm: Altaria Surf: Wingull (60%), Seel (30%), Spheal (10%) Old Rod: Magikarp (90%), Tentacool (10%) Good Rod: Tentacool (60%), Shellder (30%), Chinchou (10%) Super Rod: Shellder (60%), Tentacool (30%), Tentacruel (7%), Lanturn (3%)

The Cliff Cave Route 48 Route 42 Mt. Mortar Route 43 Lake of Rage Whirl Islands Route 44 Ice Path Blackthorn City Route 45 Dragon’s Den Tohjo Falls Route 27 Route 26 Victory Road Vermilion City Diglett’s Cave Route 6 Route 2 – North Route 3 Route 4 Mt. Moon Cerulean City Route 5 Route 24 Route 25 Route 9 Route 10 Rock Tunnel Route 8 Route 12 Route 13 Route 14 Route 15 Route 11 Fuchsia City Route 18 Route 17 Route 16 Route 7 Celadon City

Wild Levels: 15 – 20 Surf: Grimer (90%), Muk (10%)

Viridian City Route 2 – South Route 1 Pallet Town Route 21 Route 22 Cinnabar Island Route 20 Route 19 Seafoam Islands Viridian Forest Bell Tower / Tin Tower

Cerulean Cave

[ 1F ] Wild Levels: 60 – 64 Cave, Morning: Golbat (40%), Graveler (15%), Sandslash (10%), Gloom (10%), Weepinbell (10%), Venomoth (5%), Parasect (5%), Ditto (5%) Cave, Day: Golbat (40%), Haunter (10%), Kadabra (10%), Graveler (10%), Machoke (10%), Electrode (5%), Wobbuffet (5%), Bronzong (5%), Magneton (5%) Cave, Night: Golbat (20%), Magneton (20%), Hypno (15%), Arbok (10%), Venomoth (10%), Rapidash (10%), Parasect (5%), Kadabra (5%), Raichu (4%), Ditto (1%) Rock Smash: Nosepass (100%) Meridian Sound: Exploud, Alakazam Pastoral Sound: Porygon, Ditto Surf: Golduck (60%), Slowbro (40%) Old Rod: Magikarp (100%) Good Rod: Poliwag (60%), Goldeen (40%) Super Rod: Krabby (60%), Slowbro (30%), Seadra (5%), Seaking (5%)

Route 28 Mt. Silver {Outside} MT. SILVER

Mt. Silver contains seven separate sections, with 1F, 2F, 3F, outside areas and two extensions to 1F.

Download Pokemon Sacred Gold Completed v1.1

Pokemon Sacred Gold Completed V1.1

Changes to the Games While the base of the game is the same (e.g. the maps, the storyline, the general order of main events) the two hacks still manage to bring a new series of features to the table to spice up the gameplay experience, including: 493 Pokémon (i.e. all Pokémon available in the fourth generation) can be obtained somehow within the game. Legendaries are somewhat restricted, but otherwise you can build your team with pretty much anything you want. Almost all Pokémon are available prior to the first round of the Elite Four! In addition, you also receive the National Dex the moment you get the Pokédex, making it that much easier to track what you have and haven’t caught. There are some minor changes in Wild encounters between Sacred Gold and Storm Silver, but all 493 are available in both. Trainers have received new rosters to tie in with the greater variety of Pokémon available (explained by a ‘migration wave’ to the regions). This means you’ll be battling a much larger variety of Pokémon than you’ll see previously. Gym Leaders and other important trainers in particular have received a large boost to their difficulty, so get ready to take on some hard fights! As with the rest of my hacks, Gym Leaders, Elite Four members etcetera all use six Pokémon in each fight. New Trainer battles have also been added where appropriate; examples include the option to battle Ethan/Lyra, Cynthia and Steven. The data of a lot of Pokémon has been changed; this can mean just extra level-up moves, but features such as abilities, experience rates, TM compatibility and even types might be changed. Most of these are carried over from Blaze Black & Volt White, but the hack has brought some new ideas to the table. For those of you who prefer a purer Pokémon experience, the ‘Classic’ version offered has these Pokémon edits removed. A small amount of attack moves have also been edited. All moves that were given some sort of change in Black & White have had the same change applied to them in Sacred Gold & Storm Silver where possible, as well as some additional edits to make Cut, Strength and Rock Smash more useful than their previous counterparts. A large amount of Pokémon have been given extra level-up moves in some form to make them easier to raise. Edits to evolutions mean Sacred Gold and Storm Silver are self-contained (i.e. you do not need to trade to obtain all the Pokémon). In most cases, this simply turns the item needed for evolution by trade into a usable item much like an evolution stone, though for some cases where evolution is either awkward or impossible in HG/SS (e.g. Leafeon, Glaceon, Magneton, Nosepass…) some new items have been added; this keeps consistency with previous items. The availability of items has been changed quite wildly in general; all evolution items and TMs are now available at least once prior to the first round of the Elite Four, meaning you can shape your team up quite well for what’s not even the final challenge in the game! On that note, some things have been changed just to make things in the game a lot more convenient. Examples include an EXP Share available in Violet City, the removal of most unnecessary Cut trees and other annoying HM moments, and the addition of buyable evolution stones to some of the shops around the regions. The numbers of Gym Leaders are also now much easier to obtain-they’re given to you directly after the battle! Coins can also now be purchased from the Goldenrod Game Corner. A wide variety of scripted events have been both added and edited. The levels of most event Pokémon that already existed are now raised, but there are lots of new events for the purpose of giving you new Pokémon, items or TMs. Notables include an Eevee given to you by Cynthia extremely early in the game, the addition of a Teleport system in the Elite Four to let you challenge them in any order á la Black & White, a Team Rocket takeover of Route 47 and the Safari Zone and a Shellder and Cloyster siege in Fuchsia City. Yes, you read that right. Every newly added legendary has also had some sort of script concocted for it, so you won’t be just finding them in the wild as you did with Blaze Black and Volt White. The Game Corner’s prizes have also been edited; you can get a Porygon in Goldenrod City, if you so choose. Trades within the game have also been both edited and shifted around to make getting some hard-to-place Pokémon a bit more convenient. Examples include the ability to trade for Pokémon such as Gligar, Skarmory, Beldum and Smoochum. They even have a move ordinarily learned by TM, or not at all! Some small aesthetical edits have been made, e.g. Karen has a new background for her battle and Lance now uses Cynthia’s background from DPPt instead of his own. Some attempt has also been made at engaging the world more in its inter-regional Pokémon change by having Hoenn and Sinnoh overworld sprites appear in various places. Some DP trainers also make an appearance, though this was a late feature and has yet to be fully fleshed out due to time constraints. There’s also a fairly hefty addition of Black & White sprites to the table, particularly for Hoenn Pokémon. The main Pokémon also now have seals attached to give them a more personalised appearance. Finally, text has been edited such that all Pokémon names are decapitalised (so Pidgeotto rather than PIDGEOTTO, for instance.) There’s also been one or two bits of dialogue that have been changed back to their GSC version. Some extra bits of ‘story’ have been added, though it’s admittedly very little and was also a late addition so it’s not entirely fleshed out yet, but it focuses on the idea of a ‘Legendary Trainer’ who can meet the ‘creator’ and the hunting down of the Plate items. Might be something to focus on in a later release. The game has had a variety of blockades added to it to increase the linearity of the story. While this may sound odd/bad, it serves as a way to increase the level curve of Johto, which in the original games was quite poor. Basically this means you’re forced to go to Cianwood first instead of Mahogany, and the Kanto region also forces you to take a certain route to give it more of an ‘objective’. Fairy Type Added. This affects any moves that were changed to Fairy-type in Gen 6 and also grants the Fairy typing to relevant Pokémon (e.g. Wigglytuff, Clefable, Gardevoir.)


Pokemon Sacred Gold &Amp; Storm Silver Special Event Guide

Note that for newly added event encounters, you have endless opportunities to catch them unless otherwise specified.

Non-Legendary Encounters

Sixteen Hours The Black Rock Menacing Boom Cross Attack Jaws on Land






Gifted Pokémon Kanto Starters – Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle

Requirements: – Reach Violet City… Guide: Your first opportunity to obtain a Kanto starter will be in Violet City; in the Pokémon Center you will see a Juggler. If you talk to him, he’ll ask you a series of four questions; answer all correctly and you’ll be able to choose one of the three. Once you reach Kanto, if you go to Route 12 and into the house where the Super Rod was previously, you will find Professor Oak. Show him your Kanto starter (evolution doesn’t matter) and you’ll receive the two you didn’t pick. (N.B.: This replaces the original Kanto starter event.)

Johto Starters – Cyndaquil, Chikorita, Totodile

Requirements: – Start the game… Guide: The Johto starters remain in place in this game, so you’ll pick one at the start as usual. Once you reach Saffron City, you will find Professor Elm in Silph Co. Talk to him with two free slots in your party and you’ll automatically receive the other two Johto starters that you didn’t pick.

Hoenn Starters – Torchic, Treecko, Mudkip Sinnoh Starters – Chimchar, Turtwig, Piplup

Requirements: – Reach Goldenrod City… Guide: Your first Sinnoh starter will be obtainable via a quiz given to you by the Juggler in the city’s Pokémon Center. After you beat the Elite Four, come back to the archaeological building and talk to Cynthia; show her your Sinnoh starter (evolved is fine) and she will give you the other two that you didn’t choose initially.

Tyrogue is unchanged apart from it now being equipped with a Fist Plate when received as a gift. Further Tyrogue can be obtained from Celadon Game Corner. Togepi, Spearow and Shuckle are totally unchanged from their HG/SS events.

Legendary Pokémon

#380 Latias, #381 Latios Requirements: – Depends on your version… Guide: The first Lati you encounter depends on what version you’re playing; as usual, when you collect the Poké Doll from the fan club in Vermilion City, Steven will appear and inform you about the legends. At this point Latias (for SG players) or Latios (for SS players) will start moving around the Kanto region at Level 35 as usual. Once you have caught your roamer, go to Steven in Pewter City and show the legendary to him. The Enigma Crystal he has starts reacting as a result, and he’ll give it to you. Take this Enigma Crystal to Goldenrod City and talk to the guy to the left of Cynthia; he’ll polish it up and reveal it to be a Soul Dew. Return to Vermilion City and talk to the plaque on the raised bit; with the Soul Dew in your inventory you will have the option to challenge the other Lati, though as the game warns you this is a one-time encounter. If you select Yes, the other Lati will appear and you’ll engage in battle with it; it will be at Level 40.

#385 Jirachi Requirements: Sixteen badges Obtain Azure Flute Guide: Once you get Rock Climb from Professor Oak, you will find one of the Kimono Girls standing outside the Dance Theater in Ecruteak. She will inform you about Jirachi, and how they sense it is in Johto somewhere. To be more specific, Jirachi is located right at the back of Mt. Mortar, near where the Karate King is. If you have the Azure Flute (the method is detailed in Celebi’s section) then you can talk to it to wake it up. Once you do so, it will ask what wish you want; you can pick only one. You have a choice between $300,000, a maxed Coin Case, a large amount of Rare Candies or a battle with a Level 45 Jirachi. This will be your only chance to capture it, so I would recommend the last option…

#483 Dialga, #484 Palkia, #487 Giratina Requirements: Obtain the Earth Badge. Capture the pixie trio. Guide: Once you get the Earth Badge and Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf are all captured, stand in the center of the stage and it will ‘judge’ you to be ready to face Dialga, Palkia and Giratina. The screen will fade out and come back in with their appearance on the stage; all three are encountered at Level 70. After capturing each one, you will get their respective Orb item as well (e.g. capturing Dialga gives you the Adamant Orb.)

Where are the Plate items…?

You will of course need sixteen Plates, one for each non-Normal type. Their locations are generally related to their elements; you might find them on the ground somewhere, or they might have been picked up by someone who doesn’t know what they do… at any rate, a list is below if you’re truly stuck. Flame Plate: There’s a dirt pile in Bellchime Trail hidden between some trees. Check it to obtain the Plate. Splash Plate: In the main room of the S.S. Aqua there is a guy on the left side who wants to see Phione. Show him a Phione and he’ll want to see a Manaphy. Show him Manaphy and he’ll give you the Splash Plate. Icicle Plate: There is a snow pile somewhat hidden behind a wall in the snowy outside of Sinjoh Ruins. Check it to obtain the Icicle Plate. Toxic Plate: After obtaining the Hive Badge, go to Elm’s lab in New Bark Town and interact with the bin. You will find and obtain the Toxic Plate. Mind Plate: Visit Mr. Psychic’s house in Saffron City; there is a new character who wishes to see a Psychic Pokémon that has reached stage two (i.e. the final form of a three-stage evolution line). Talk to him with Alakazam, Gardevoir, Gallade or Metagross at the front of your party to receive the Mind Plate. Zap Plate: Once you get the Power Plant up and running again, check the bookcase to the bottom-right of the room to get the Zap Plate. Meadow Plate: On Route 39 there is a girl by some trees having trouble with her dance moves; if you talk to her with a Bellossom behind you, she will ask if you will let it dance for her. Do so and she’ll thank you with both a TM53 and the Meadow Plate. Fist Plate: Obtain the Tyrogue from the Karate King in Mt. Mortar; it is equipped with the Fist Plate. Sky Plate: There is a pile of snow directly in front of Red at the top of Mt. Silver; check it to get the Sky Plate. Earth Plate: Return to Diglett’s Cave with Rock Climb and check one of the higher areas to find the Earth Plate in an item ball. Insect Plate: In National Park, there is a trainer in the center-north who will say something about the ground beneath him being hard. Interact with the spot he was on when in the Bug Catching Contest and you will obtain the Insect Plate. Stone Plate: To the right of Pewter Museum there should be a pile of dirt; check it to obtain the Stone Plate. (If the pile isn’t there for some reason before you obtain the Plate, it’s located as far to the bottom-right corner as you can go before jumping over the ledge.) Spooky Plate: In Lavender Town’s cemetery there is a woman who asks if you would pay your respects to her Pokémon. Agree to do so and she’ll give you the Spooky Plate as thanks. Draco Plate: Obtain the Dragonair from the Dragon’s Den Elder. It is equipped with the Draco Plate. Dread Plate: In Olivine Lighthouse there is a woman who asks for 15 Poké Balls and a Destiny Knot; the Destiny Knot is obtainable in an item ball on Route 27. If you talk to her with both and agree to your request, she’ll fail to make an item and run off. You don’t get your given items back, but she does drop the Dread Plate behind her. Iron Plate: Steven will give you this one automatically when he explains the Plates in the gatehouse between Ecruteak City and Route 38.

Good luck with your legendary hunting!

N.B.: The original design for the Mind Plate was as a reward for capturing all 28 forms of Unown, but this got changed due to it being a bit too tedious to be worthwhile. Consider yourselves lucky!

Download Pokemon Sacred Gold Completed v1.1

Pokemon Sacred Gold &Amp; Storm Silver Action Replay Codes

All codes for the American Heart Gold & Soul Silver will work for Sacred Gold & Storm Silver; codes listed in here are simply my personal recommendations. However, the Game IDs for SG/SS are different, which will affect those of you playing on flashcarts. The new IDs are as follows:

Sacred Gold – Complete: IPKE 66972395 Storm Silver – Complete: IPGE D5D82CBF Sacred Gold – Classic: IPKE 7BAC813A Storm Silver – Classic: IPGE C794B178

Instant Message Code 12002346 00002100 120232EE 00001C0C 120232F0 00004818 1202331E 0000BD10 02023320 E7E53C2D 1202332E 0000D0DF 1202333A 0000E7F1

This is a personal favourite of mine. This will make all messages appear instantly rather than waiting for scrolling text. Note that when using this code with DeSmuME, you will need to disable it when booting up/restarting the game or it will stick in place.

Quick Screen Change 1200FA78 00002200 1200FA9C 00002200

This is a code that will speed up the transition between buildings. Use if you really want to boost your time.

Pokémon Center Animation Cut 1206325E 0000E000 1206327A 0000E000 9224BDCC 00002000 1224BDCC 00002001 D2000000 00000000

This is a useful code if you want to speed things up. It will cause your Trainer to hand their Pokémon to the nurse and then get them handed straight back with no intermediate animation.

Gauge Bar Animation Cut 12265A80 00001C20 12265A8E 00001C20 12081750 00001C21

A code useful to counter the slow moving HP bars of the fourth generation; after Pokémon have a sufficiently high amount of max HP, instead of a scrolling animation the HP bar will simply cut straight to the point it will end up at. This also affects the EXP bar. Note that some sound effects may be cut out as a result.

High Speed Processing 12000104 00000000 B21D1594 00000000 DA000000 00000004 D3000000 00000000 D6000000 02000100 D3000000 00000000 92000100 00001C1C 12000E1E 000046F0 12000E20 000046F0 12000104 00008080 D2000000 00000000 92000100 0000071C 12000E1E 000046C0 12000E20 000046C0 12000104 00008080 D2000000 00000000 A2000104 00008080 12000E1E 0000F0D0 12000E20 0000E826 D2000000 00000000

This is an interesting code that will speed up the rate of things in the game; this is particularly useful on flashcarts as it will make battles go that much faster, kind of giving an emulation-like experience.

HM Animation Cut 12043768 0000E00B

This will cut out a large amount of the animation for HMs, making it a lot quicker to move around when you have to use them.

Disable 3D Edge Marking 521FBC38 20234001 221FBC3A 00000010 D2000000 00000000

This code will tidy things up if you’re playing the game on NO$GBA. It’s totally useless on anything else that renders the graphics correctly (e.g. DeSmuME, flashcards…)

Rematch Trainers 02040EA8 F7FF68E0 94000130 FEFF0000 02040EA8 E0002000 D0000000 00000000

This code might help if you’re feeling a bit low on experience. Talk to any generic trainer while holding the R button to rematch them.

All codes with thanks to the guys over at cheats.gbatemp.

Download Pokemon Sacred Gold Completed v1.1

Pokemon Sacred Gold &Amp; Storm Silver Important Item Locations

This particular document explores two main types of items: TMs, of which there have been many swaps, and evolution items, which have all been shifted to be available prior to the initial Elite Four. Some key items are also listed.

Technical Machine Locations

TM01 Focus Punch: Also purchasable in Saffron City. TM02 Dragon Claw: Removed from Route 26; now only available in Goldenrod lottery. TM03 Water Pulse: Also received from a Fisherman in Route 32’s Pokémon Center. TM04 Calm Mind: Received from a man in Goldenrod City’s Pokémon Center. TM05 Roar: No change. TM06 Toxic: Automatically obtained after defeating Petrel in the Cliff Cave. TM07 Hail: Also buyable from the shop in Mahogany Town. TM08 Bulk Up: Received from a man in Goldenrod City’s Pokémon Center. TM09 Bullet Seed: No change. TM10 Hidden Power: Received as a reward in the Ruins of Alph for capturing 7 different types of Unown. TM11 Sunny Day: Also buyable from the shop in Mahogany Town. TM12 Taunt: The copy in Burned Tower has been removed. TM13 Ice Beam: Also found in Ice Path. Reduced to 4,000 Coins in Goldenrod Game Corner. TM14 Blizzard: No change. TM15 Hyper Beam: No change. TM16 Reflect: No change. TM17 Protect: No change. TM18 Rain Dance: Also buyable from the shop in Mahogany Town. TM19 Giga Drain: Also found in an item ball on Route 39. TM20 Safeguard: No change. TM21 Frustration: No change. TM22 SolarBeam: No change. TM23 Iron Tail: Also purchasable in Pewter City. TM24 Thunderbolt: Also found on small shore right of Olivine Lighthouse. Reduced to 4,000 Coins in Goldenrod Game Corner. TM25 Thunder: No change. TM26 Earthquake: Purchasable in Celadon City. TM27 Return: No change. TM28 Dig: Removed from Celadon City, purchasable in Goldenrod City. TM29 Psychic: Also found to the bottom-right of the Ruins of Alph. TM30 Shadow Ball: Also purchasable from Lavender Town. TM31 Brick Break: Received from a man on Route 36. TM32 Double Team: No change. TM33 Light Screen: No change. TM34 Shock Wave: Received from a man in Azalea Pokémon Center. TM35 Flamethrower: Also found on Bellchime Trail. Reduced to 4,000 Coins in Goldenrod Game Corner. TM36 Sludge Bomb: No change. TM37 Sandstorm: Also buyable from shop in Mahogany Town. TM38 Fire Blast: No change. TM39 Rock Tomb: No change. TM40 Aerial Ace: Also obtainable on Route 34. TM41 Torment: No change. TM42 Facade: No change. TM43 Secret Power: No change. TM44 Rest: No change. TM45 Attract: Also purchasable in Vermilion City. TM46 Thief: Removed from Rocket Hideout; obtainable from a man in Azalea Town. TM47 Steel Wing: Found in an item ball in Olivine Lighthouse. TM48 Skill Swap: Also buyable from shop in Mahogany Town. TM49 Snatch: No change. TM50 Overheat: Also obtainable in Burned Tower basement. TM51 Roost: Also purchasable in Goldenrod City. TM52 Focus Blast: No change. TM53 Energy Ball: Received as a gift from a girl on Route 39; buyable in Celadon. TM54 False Swipe: No change. TM55 Brine: Removed from Celadon Mart; buyable in Goldenrod Mart. TM56 Fling: No change. TM57 Charge Beam: Removed from Olivine City. TM58 Endure: No change. TM59 Dragon Pulse: Also purchasable in Cerulean City. TM60 Drain Punch: No change. TM61 Will-O-Wisp: Obtained from Fantina in Ecruteak’s Mart. TM62 Silver Wind: Found on Route 39. TM63 Embargo: Shifted to Route 40. TM64 Explosion: No change. TM65 Shadow Claw: Moved to Ecruteak City. TM66 Payback: No change. TM67 Recycle: No change. TM68 Giga Impact: No change. TM69 Rock Polish: No change. TM70 Flash: Removed from Goldenrod; given as a free gift in Route 10 Pokémon Center. TM71 Stone Edge: Obtainable from a man in Indigo Plateau; purchasable in Celadon City. TM72 Avalanche: No change. TM73 Thunder Wave: Obtained from Volkner in Olivine Lighthouse. TM74 Gyro Ball: No change. TM75 Swords Dance: No change. TM76 Stealth Rock: Found on the ground in the middle entrance of Mt. Mortar. TM77 Psych Up: No change. TM78 Captivate: No change. TM79 Dark Pulse: No change. TM80 Rock Slide: Also in Ruins of Alph, behind the ‘LIGHT’ door. TM81 X-Scissor: Received from a Bug Catcher in Ilex Forest; buyable in Celadon. TM82 Sleep Talk: No change. TM83 Natural Gift: Removed from Goldenrod Mart. TM84 Poison Jab: Also automatically obtained after battling Ariana on Route 47. TM85 Dream Eater: No change. TM86 Grass Knot: Obtainable from Gardenia in Ilex Forest; buyable at Goldenrod Dept. Store. TM87 Swagger: No change. TM88 Pluck: No change. TM89 U-turn: Also buyable in Viridian City. TM90 Substitute: No change. TM91 Flash Cannon: No change. TM92 Trick Room: Also obtainable from a clown in Ecruteak City.

Evolutionary Item Locations

Aubade Orb: Received from Sprout Tower’s head sage; found in an item ball on Route 42. Chilled Ore: Received from Sprout Tower’s head sage; found in an item ball in Ice Path. Covenant Orb: One is automatically received after finishing any in-game trade. DeepSeaScale: Also hidden on the beach on Route 47, closer to the Embedded Tower entrance. DeepSeaTooth: Also hidden on the beach on Route 47, closer to the Cliff Cave exit. Dragon Scale: Also obtainable in Blackthorn City’s Pokémon Center as a gift. Dubious Disc: Moved to Team Rocket’s Hideout. Electirizer: Found on Route 44. King’s Rock: Also given to you by a man in Mahogany’s Pokémon Center. Magmarizer: Found inside Ice Path, top floor. Metal Coat: Given to you by a man in a house in Olivine City. Oval Stone: In an item ball on Route 34. Protector: Found in the first room of Victory Road. Razor Claw: Given to you by a man in a house in Cianwood. Razor Fang: Given to you by a man in a house in Cianwood. Reaper Cloth: Found in Dark Cave when entering from the Blackthorn Side. Serenade Orb: Received from Sprout Tower’s head sage; found in an item ball behind the ‘LIGHT’ wall in Ruins of Alph. Up-Grade: As a gift in the Ruins of Alph for catching 14 Unown; also received from a man in the Safari Zone’s Pokémon Center after the Rocket invasion is gone. Voltaic Ore: Found in Route 42, by the apricorn trees; found past the whirlpool on Route 27. Woodland Ore: Received from Sprout Tower’s head sage; found in an item ball in Ilex Forest. Dawn Stone: Item ball on Route 35; buyable in Blackthorn. Dusk Stone: Mt. Mortar’s second room; buyable in Blackthorn. Fire Stone: Received from Sprout Tower’s head sage; also purchasable in Goldenrod. Leaf Stone: Also purchasable in Goldenrod. Moon Stone: Obtainable once a day from a man in Olivine during night hours. Shiny Stone: Battle Frontier entrance*; buyable in Blackthorn. Sun Stone: Obtainable once a day from a man in Olivine during daylight hours. Thunderstone: Received from Sprout Tower’s head sage; also purchasable in Goldenrod. Water Stone: Received from Sprout Tower’s head sage; also purchasable in Goldenrod. * You can now access the Battle Frontier after earning the Mineral Badge from Jasmine.

New Key Item Locations

Old Rod: Obtained from the Guide Gent in Cherrygrove City. Good Rod: Given by a Fisherman in Olivine’s diner. Super Rod: Given by a Fisherman in Blackthorn City. Bicycle: Given to you by your mother at the start of the game. GB Sounds: Given to you by your mother at the start of the game.

New Fossil Locations

One of each fossil is obtained for free from a man in Goldenrod’s Archaelogical Center (what used to be the Bike Shop), with the exception of Aerodactyl; the Old Amber must be found normally.

Fossils can now be revived in Goldenrod.

New Other Item Locations

Exp. Share: Given to you by a Scientist in Violet’s Pokémon Center. Lucky Egg: Given to you by Mr. Pokemon in exchange for the Red Scale, and also by a guy in the Ruins of Alph as a reward for catching 21 Unown. Thick Club, Light Ball, Stick etc.: There’s a woman in the Goldenrod Magnet Train station who will give you the relevant item when you show her the Pokémon who the item correlates to (e.g. she’ll give you a Thick Club if you have a Cubone or Marowak behind you).

Download Pokemon Sacred Gold Completed v1.1

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