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    Zenonia 5 Berserker Stats

    The berserkers stats allocation can result in these following changes to your stats. You can use this as a guideline to add stat points to your character upon leveling up.


    7 DMG(10 with maxed Power Link passive)

    1 DEF


    28 HP

    2 DEF

    0.24 CRI DMG


    0.08 HIT

    0.24 EVA

    0.42 CRI


    24 SP

    0.18 HIT

    Sample Zenonia 5 Berserker Stats Builds

    There are a few ways that you can build your berserker, however all of these stats builds are centered around the two stats: STR and CON. Below are some of the variations for the berserker stats builds.

    Pure STR the Damage Dealer

    By putting in your points into pure STR, you ensure a lot of damage coming out of your STR based Zenonia 5 berserker. However, you will have very low health and defense compared to some of those builds. This makes you very easy to die against other damage character such as the Dex Mechanics and Zenonia 5 Int Wizards. One critical attack out of their skills and you are toast.

    By using this build for your Zenonia 5 berserker, you are playing your melee character like a weak wizard or mechanics. You are fragile that you cannot really take any hits. This means that you cannot use the majority of your close ranged skills because it will be death. However, you will mainly rely on some of the more ranged skills and one shot wonders.

    We do not recommend this build because if you are aiming for damage, you really should just play pure INT wizard or pure DEX mechanic instead. Those two classes will offer much higher damage output.

    Hybrid 2 Str + 1 Con or 2 CON + 1 STR or Half STR half CON

    The different hybrids in mixing up STR and CON all means one thing – this is a trade off between damage and your ability to survive against enemy hits. If you want more damage, go for hybrids that incorporate a little more STR. If you want more HP and DEF, opt for CON instead. Although our favorite in this form of hybrid is about half CON and half STR. This ways you can always tilt the performance of your Zenonia 5 berserker by equipping on different gears.

    By going half and half hybrid, you can focus your Zenonia 5 equipment and upgrade stones toward either attack based or defense based depending on your progression. If you start to die at certain levels or bosses, slot in a couple more defensive focused gears. If monsters are taking too long to kill and you deal not enough damage, just switch in more attack based upgrade stones.

    Our recommendation for hybrid berserker build in Zenonia 5 is simply to go half and half. This way you will not have to over think or plan your build so much.

    Pure CON the Melee Tanker

    This is we think the best build to play for your melee berserker. With pure CON, you will have a ton of HP and defense that can tank even the hardest bosses. However, you will have to constantly stock up and make sure that your gears are up to date. One trouble with this build is that you will seriously lack quite a bit of damage output specially at the beginning of the game. You will take almost minimal damage compared to the other classes, however you will also deal minimal damage. Many of the bosses require multiple hits to gradually wear them down.

    Because of the lack of damage output for pure CON Zenonia 5 berserker, you will need to always be updated with your weapons. However, this build is almost unkillable in Zenonia 5 PvP situations with proper gears. Yet, you will not be able to kill other pure CON berserkers or pure CON paladins unless you pack a punch with your gears. However, the Crit Damage boost that came from CON makes their critical a good weapon in your arsenal.

    Our recommendation is to stock up on critical gears and ppare to spend a couple of ZEN to max your passives.

    Notes About Dex and INT

    Based on our recommended build, you will notice that we do not recommend any builds that mix DEX or INT at all. This is because they are useless in almost all practical battle situations.

    The hit, evade, and critical bonuses from DEX are useless if you can opt for Critical focused equipment. You do not need the extra SP from int stats. Thus you should avoid any berserker builds that involve DEX and INT.

    Berserker Skill Listing and Effects

    First we will list out all of the skills by level as well as their first point growth. Use this as a simple first resource to help you determine that the Zenonia 5 berserker skill that you want.









    Skill Point




    Shoulder ChargingActive1ATT: 100%

    Stun Rate: 10%

    Duration: 2 secATT: +5%

    Stun Rate: +2%

    Power SlashActive1ATT: 350%

    Constant DMG: +15%

    Bleeding Rate: 30%

    Duration: 6 secATT: 20%

    Bleeding Rate: 3%

    Offensive StanceActive5ATT increase: +20%

    Duration: 30 secATT Increase: +2%

    Duration: +1 sec

    Guard CrashActive5Power SlashATT: 190%

    Stun Rate: 20%

    Duration: 4 secATT: +10%

    Stun Rate: +2%

    Defensive StanceActive15DEF Increase +30%

    Duration: 30 secDEF Increase: +3%

    Spinning SlashActive15ATT: 300%ATT: +20%

    Wrath StrikeActive15Guard CrashATT: 150%

    Constant DMG: +25%

    Bleeding Rate: 10%

    Duration: 6 secATT: +10%

    Bleeding Rate: +2%

    Phantom DetonationActive25ATT: 80%

    Constant DMG: +30%

    Bleeding Rate: 10%

    Duration: 8 secATT: +3%

    Bleeding Rate: +2%

    Black Hole SlashActive25Spinning SlashATT: 300%

    Constant DMG: +10%

    Shock: +10%

    Pull: +1

    Duration: 2 secATT: +20%

    Last ResistanceActive25Reflect: +100%

    HP Recovery +6%

    Duration: 10 secDuration: +1 sec

    Dark SpiritActive35Phantom DetonationATT: 100%

    Decoy x 1

    Duration: 12 secDuration: +1 sec

    Extra decoys at

    Level 5 and 10

    Blood LustActive35HP Consumption: +1%

    Normal Attack Increase: +80%

    Duration: 20 secDuration: +2 sec

    Blood CircleActive35ATT: 65%

    Constant DMG +40%

    Bleeding Rate: 10%

    Duration: 6 secATT: +4%

    Spin MoveActive45ATT: 160%ATT: +5%

    Level 5 and 10 revolution

    and travel distance increased

    Potion Effect IncreasePassive1Potion Effect: +10%Potion Effect: 5%

    Gold PlusPassive1Gold Acquired: +5%Gold Acquired: +5%

    ATT IncreasePassive5ATT Increase: +4%ATT Increase: +2%

    DEF IncreasePassive5DEF: +4%DEF: +2%

    EVA IncreasePassive15EVA: +2.00EVA: +2.00

    CRI Rate IncreasePassive15CRI Rate: 2.00CRI Rate: 2.00

    CON IncreasePassive25CON: +3CON: +3

    STR IncreasePassive25STR: +3STR: +3

    Passive MasterPassive35Upgrade Passive: +3%Upgrade Passive: +3%

    Power LinkPassive35ATTK per STR: +15%CRI per INT: +5 %

    Berserker’s SpiritPassive45Speed during Hit Rate: 10%

    Speed ruing hit: +5

    Duration: 3 secSpeed during Hit Rate: +1%

    Area ZeroPassive45Free CRI Skill Rate: 3%

    Free CRI Skill / Duration: 2 secFree CRI Skill Rate: 1%


    Berserker Active Skill Detailed Discussions

    Shoulder Charging

    Shoulder Charging is a skill that let you dash in a straight line and damaging enemies along the way. This skill can hit up to 5 times but usually you will only land about 2~3 hits depending on your location and usage. This can be a useful skill to help you out of mobbed situations and stun enemies at the same time.

    Power Slash

    Power Slash for the berserker is a high damage skill, it can push back enemies while doing some damage over time. However, we do not recommend this skill at all because it is relatively limited. You only have 1 hit which can more often than not miss.

    Offensive Stance

    The offensive stance is a useful skill when coupled together with Blood lust. You should have at least 1 point into this skill. Mainly because the ATT increase buff can be coupled with all of your attacking skills. However, only pump more points into this at late game when you have no other skills to invest points in.

    Guard Crash

    This skill can be useful in PvP and to stun enemies when maxed. However at lower level the stun rate is not as good. This skill hits 5 times maxed when timed well. However similar to shoulder charging, you would usually only hit about 2~3 times based on your Hit rate and your executions. This skill hits in a straight line.

    Defensive Stance

    The Zenonia 5 berserker’s skill defensive stance is a waste of point. The time duration and buff amount will not save you from critical hits against bosses or other players. Do not spend your points into it. If you are really having trouble taking damage from mobs, you are better off to farm and grind a couple of levels.

    Spinning Slash

    A one shot skill that knocks down enemies. This skill is not that useful period. You can deal a decent one shot damage against your enemies, but there are far more better multihit skills to inflict status effects than the spinning slash berserker skill.

    Wrath Strike

    The wrath strike is a decent AoE skill in terms of damage, however it isuselessbecause you can get hit while casting the skill. This makes you extremely vulnerable with the Wrath Strike. Do not spend any skill point into it.

    Phantom Detonation

    This multihit skill can do serious damage if you are STR based berserker. However, it is useless against enemies with higher DEF. Only max this skill when you plan on decking out your berserker with tons of ATT enhancing gears and equipment. With maxed phantom detonation, you can wipe out any enemies ptty fast. We recommend only put 1 point into the skill to unlock Dark Spirit.

    Black Hole Slash

    The berserker’s Black Hole Slash pulls the enemy in and deal great damage. However this is a useless skill on all counts. If you are a STR berserker, you actually want to keep a decent distance. And if you are a CON based berserker, your natural skill attack is weak and there is no point for this skill. Do not waste any of your skill points into this.

    Last Resistance

    One of the best skills to have if you are a hybrid CON or pure CON berserker. The HP healed from this skill can save you from all of your potions costs. In addition you will be able to survive longer in PvP and abyss fights. In addition, you can reflect damage against enemies while this skill is active. This can be extremely helpful to kill any pure INT wizard or pure DEX mechanics. We recommend maxing Last Resistance.

    Dark Spirit

    The strongest skill that any types of berserkers can have. You will need to max this skill. For your STR berserkers these decoys will do insane amount of damage to wipe out any enemies fast. If you have damage reflect gears, these decoys can reflect damage as well. This means that you can create copies of your decoys, and let the enemies kill themselves instead. We recommend maxing this skill as soon as you can.


    Bloodlust gives you insane damage at the cost for some of your HP amount. The damage boost is too great to be ignored. You should max this skill to get the full benefit of increased time duration. When couple with Last Resistance, you will more than cover back your HP lost. And if you are really worried about HP, a single HP Absorb will help you to recover any HP lost as well.

    Blood Circle

    Useful skill against mobs of enemies or decoys against other berserkers in PvP. However, this skill is only useful for berserkers with good ATT due to its low initial damage.

    Spin Move

    The Spin Move is the last skill on berserker’s skill tree and the most useless one. You can deal some awesome damage with this but it puts you in bad placements when its done. You will have to get ptty close to the enemies to unleash the Spin Move. After your spin move you will typically get hit multiple times to pull your distance again. Do not waste points into this unless you plan on purchasing skill points with ZEN.

    Zenonia 5 Berserker Recommended Skill Builds

    Depending on the STR or CON route that you have chosen, you will have to play Zenonia 5 a little differently and choose different skill builds. And for your hybrid builds, you will want to lean toward the STR based skill builds because you still cannot tank as well as the pure CON berserker. We will go over these builds and give you samples on how to build your character. Therefore we will not provide a skill build for Hybrids.

    You will note that to be a really effective Zenonia 5 berserker, you will need more skill points based on our recommendations. And we do mean it, it is best for you to spend some ZEN during the beginning to have an easier time playing and progressing through the stages.

    Pure STR Berserker Skill Build

    One Point in Power Slash

    Max ATT Increase

    One point in Offensive Stance

    Max Guard Crash

    One Point in Phantom Spirit.

    Max Crit Rate

    One point in Bloodlust

    Max Dark Spirit

    Max Phantom Spirit

    Max STR Increase and Power Link depending on which skill gives you more ATT gain at the moment.

    Max Passive Master.

    After these essential skills, you can decide whether or not you want to get a few damage dealing actives or continue to max your other passives. We personally like to max out Offensive Stance + Bloodlust for their huge damage boost.

    Pure CON Berserker Skill Build

    The CON berserker is a late blooming turtle that can be really hard to train and level in the beginning. However they can be ptty godly towards late game with Decoys + Damage reflect gears. Depending on the amount of ZEN that you are willing to spend, you may change the skill build progression a little bit. However, in general you want to make sure that you can fully tank enemies damage especially at the beginning of the game. Some of the bosses will take forever to kill but they are not impossible.

    This build is extremely hard to get started because you will be knocking HP away from enemies slowly. It is best for you to gather a few mobs together and hit them all at the same time.

    Max DEF Increase

    Max CRI Rate Increase

    1 Point in Offensive Stance, Last Resistance

    Max Dark Spirit

    1 Point in Bloodlust

    Max CON Increase

    Max Passive Master

    Max STR Increase

    Max Last Resistance

    After these needed skills, you can put points into anything that you would like. We personally like to further and max out our passives. Because the damage output is minimal from active skills based on low STR.

    Zenonia 5 Berserker Gears and Fairy Skills

    Like skill sets, you may adjust your gears depending on your build of Berserker. We will discuss a little bit on the different Zenonia 5 gears and fairy setups.

    For pure STR berserker, you will want some HP gears to cover yourself from likely one hit kills. If you are comfortable with your controls and defense ability, consider further boosting your damage output from STR, ATT, and CRIT. Your goal is to max out and deal as much damage as possible. Consider putting in some HP absorb items too to cover any of your HP lost during battle.

    For fairy ability you can consider using Fire and +ATT or HP recover skillstones. With maxed out damage abilities, your DoT from fire fairies can be quite deadly as well. Holy is a good choice too to stun the enemies.

    For pure CON berserker, through most of the game, you will need enough DEF to cover the enemy grinding. Basically if you take more damage than your health potions can handle, you are in trouble. You will need to constantly update your gears to take damage in the 50’s and 100’s mid game. Toward the end you can allow for more damage taken because you will also kill faster. For PvP situations, a few HP reflect items can be godly alongside maxed Dark spirit decoys. Your CON berserkers will make the most use of Holy fairy for stunning your opponents.

    Zenonia 5 Berserker Title Choices

    Out of all the Zenonia 5 titles that you can get, the following are some of the most useful ones for you.

    STR Berserker

    Kumtra Killer: Strength +20%

    Kill 50 Kumtras.

    Mud Slayer: Attack +20%

    Kill 100 Mud Titans

    CON Berserker

    Super Miner: Constitution +15%

    Mine 50 Orichalcon.

    Legendary Warrior: HP +20%

    Achieve level 99


    +10% All stat

    Have at least 1 million gold.

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